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Wet Brush Men's Detangler,

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Meet the Wet Brush Men’s Detangler, the perfect tool for men’s grooming and styling. Our award winning brush has revolutionary Intelliflex ultra-soft bristles that glide through tangles without breakage or pain. How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair care. Hair is weakest when wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber band. This is why you should brush with a tool that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. Our famous Original Detangler changed the hairbrush game, and transformed what used to be a painful and time consuming task into an effortless, fun and colorful part of your day. Detangle with 55% less effort, 45% less breakage and 100% happier hair. Can be used on all hair types.



About this item

  • GENTLY SEPARATES KNOTS & SNAGS: Ordinary bristle brushes rip through and pull out knotted hair instead of gently separating it; these brushes use the exclusive ultra-soft Intelliflex bristles that bend and flex to remove knots effortlessly reducing damage and pain
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES & BEARDS: This brush works perfectly with straight, curly, textured, thick and wavy hair including beards; works great on both wet and dry hair
  • PAINLESS: Has flexible bristles that minimize pain, split ends and breakage; it brushes with 56% less force to protect hair from damage and breakage for fuller, healthier hair
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Ergonomically designed handle to comfortably fit in your palm; available in black and brown
  • MEN’S DETANGLER: The perfect tool for men’s grooming and styling; the exclusive IntelliFlex bristles massage scalp and hair follicles, which is proven to stimulate circulation and promote hair growth.
  • Color: Black
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