Hair Scalp Massager Hairbrush with Easy Handle, Soft Silicone Care brushes Comb For Hair Cleaning And Rejuvenating Scalp Circulation

$14 $17



  • ❤️[Comfortable] This hair  brush releases your hands from the time consuming nature of shampooing long and curly hair! It is easier to hold and more comfortable to use, which allows you to enjoy shampooing every wash day!
  • ❤️[Health] Soft & comfortable. Massages your scalp in the shower to ease itchiness, eradicate dandruff and promote blood circulation. It relaxes the scalp muscles and reduces stress. It prevents hair loss by scalp stimulation and helps hair growth.
  • ❤️[Safe] The scalp massager is made of environmentally friendly Soft silicone and is safe and harmless.The brush bristles are longer and softer, can touch the scalp to achieve an excellent massage effect.
  • ❤️[Easy to use] Scrub from forehead to the backhead, left to right. Just like having a personal hairdresser wash your hair & scrub your head. Perfect for various hair types from thick to thin, short or long, and no matter wet or dry.

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