Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Hair Repair

Tik Tok Heatless Hair Curlers: Free Shipping

1. 【NO HEAT, NO DAMAGE】 -  No heat curler hair headband will give you a new way of curling your hair. It will give you a beautiful curls without putting heat in your hair. 【CAN BE USED DURING SLEEP】 -  The rounded edges and smooth surface will not pull or damage your hair. the longer you use it, the better the effect, so you can use during sleeping, and you will see good curling effects when you wake up. 3. 【THE HIGHEST QUALITY PEARL COTTON】 - The hair curling ribbon is made with Pearl cotton, which is strong and durable and can be reused for a long time. and will have your hair looking and feeling amazing. Prevents hair breakage and damage altogether. It does not affect sleep when wearing. 4. 【EASY TO USE】 - Put the curling rod over your head like a headband, you can clip it at the top or secure one side with a scrunchie like a ponytail, and then wind dry or slightly damp hair around the other side of the curling ribbon and secure with a scrunchie on the bottom. Make sure to wind tightly and start near the top of your head. Leave in for an hour or two in the daytime with slightly damp hair or overnight with slightly damp or dry hair.

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