SWAROVSKI Women's Ocean Adventure Hoop Pierced Earrings, Light multi-colored, Gold-tone plated

$189 $199
Description :

Guiding your way to cool outfits, this pair of Swarovski pierced earrings feature an exceptional nautical motif. Crystals in various colors create a unique sparkle and the gold-tone plated design adds to their glamorous appeal. Their timeless sophistication will lift any outfit, from a casual blazer to a formal dress. A charming and elegant gift idea for any occasion.


  • This elegant necklace by Swarovski combines classic chic with modern design elements
  • It features a sparkling centerpiece consisting of a square-shaped, pink Swarovski crystal surrounded by bright white crystals
  • The rhodium-plated chain and fittings complement the clean, timeless look of this piece of jewelry
  • A stylish addition to everyday outfits and a lovely gift idea
  • Each jewellery piece benefits from the superior quality, precision and extraordinary brilliance of Swarovski crystals.

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