Swarovski Women's Nice Stud Pierced Earrings, Set of Brilliant Swarovski Crystal Feather Earrings, part of the Swarovski Nice Collection

Description :

Swarovski Nice Stud Earrings

Swarovski's Nice stud earrings consist of stunningly radiant Swarovski crystals, secured in gold-tone plated metal and arranged to resemble elegant and de- licate feathers. These dainty earrings are small, light and stylish, comfortable enough to be slept in and worn during your everyday activities. Dazzle and feel good with Swarovski.

Product Description
  • Material: Gold-tone plated finish
  • Model Number: 5505623
  • Colour: White
  • Length: 1.5 cm
  • Gem type: Crystal
  • Gift box: Comes in Swarovski product box
  • Collection: Swarovski Nice
Cleaning and care instructions

Keep your products stored in a safe space to avoid damage. We recommend polishing frequently with a lint-free cloth and to always put your jewellery on last. Keep away from liquids and sprays such as perfume to ensure your jewellery maintains its brilliance.


Founded in Austria in 1895, Swarovski has become the world's premier jewellery and accessory brand, renowned for their reliably sparkling products. Founder Daniel Swarovski set out to achieve his goal of creating a diamond for everyone when he invented a machine that cut crystals more precisely than was possible by hand. Following centuries of creative collaboration and expertise, Swarovski became the leader of crystal cut creations and is proud to deliver extraordinary, everyday style to people around the world.


  • Brilliant and dazzling: Swarovski Naughty Collection, crystal stud earrings combine black crystals with the beauty of rose-gold tone plated metal creating a stylish pair of earrings to match any outfit
  • Crafted with excellence: These 1 cm long feather earrings are a fashionable yet elegant pair of studs, featuring rose-gold tone plated metal and the brilliance that only Swarovski crystals have
  • Designed to last: Swarovski jewellery features the extraordinary brilliance of Swarovski crystals and durable metals - to ensure the life of your jewellery avoid contact with water, lotions or perfume
  • Enhance your look: These feather-shaped earrings, make a lasting impression whether you are in a business meeting, romantic dinner or out with friends, these studs shine regardless
  • Items delivered: 1 x set of Swarovski Naughty stud earrings, stunning black Swarovski crystals with rose-gold tone plated metal, beautiful feather stone design, with a Swarovski earring box
  • Color: Black/Rose Gold Shiny
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