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Silky Satin Sleep Bonnet: Adjustable, Reversible & Double-Lined | Turban Sleep Cap for Curly Hair | Night Hair Care Hair Wrap

$39.99 $44
  • Handmade: Materials: Satin, Silky Satin, Elastic

  •   Ready to wake up with fresh and frizz free hair? Whether your hair is curly or straight, satin bonnets are perfect for you!

    With an adjustable component sneakily hidden between where the seam where colours meet, you'll never have worry about the toggle annoying you in your sleep. Bonus: being hidden also makes it look much more sleek!

    ✨ Your hair will thank you!

    ✓ Frizz free hair

    ✓ Perfectly defined curls

    ✓ Hair lasts longer in between wash days

    ✓ Hair is preserved and need less refreshing

    ✨ What makes these bonnets different:

    ✓ Soft and gentle to ensure ultimate comfort

    ✓ Adjustable so they'll never be too tight or too loose (and won't come off at night!)

    ✓ Enough room to comfortably fit all your hair in

    ✓ Reversible colours to spice it up!

    ✨ These bonnets are perfect for you if:

    ✓ You want to reduce wash days

    ✓ You want longer lasting freshness

    ✓ You wear your hair natural

    ✓ You have extensions in

    ✓ You're wearing a protective style

    !!! Bonus tip:

    These bonnets also help to reduce knots. Knots form due to dryness and rubbing. These bonnets help your hair to retain its moisture due to the soft satin. Less moisture = less dryness = less knots! They also provide a gentle barrier between your hair and pillow/sheets, reducing the rubbing.

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