Brand: Senka

Shiseido Senka - Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam - 120g - Made in Japan

$29.99 $35
Description :

This high density foam works like a cushion to protect your skin whilst penetrating pores and removing impurities. The silk cocoon and serum contained in the foam help prevent the loss of skin moisture leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated. How to use: Wash and wet your hands before you cleanse your face to eliminate dirt. Apply a 2cm amount into palms. Add a small amount of water and bring to foam. Add 2-3 times the more water while rubbing in palms until foaming. Apply to face.


About this item

  • The super rich, fine & elastic bubbles gives you a perfect cleansing experience with comfort & clean
  • Perfectly removes sebum & dirts deep from your pore
  • Remove the dirts & harmful substance from skin surface and makes the skin less vulnerable to the environmental damage.
  • As daily skincare step to make your skin clean, and ready for the nourishment from the skincare products onwards.
  • With moisturizing ingredients amino factor.

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