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Selfie Ring Light, JANCHUN Rechargable Selfie LED Camera Light with 7 Light Colors and 3 Levels of Brightness - Rose Gold

  • 7 Different Kinds of Light Colors: This selfie light has 7 light color settings (white, red, soft yellow, green, blue-green, blue and rose red) which can enable you to take more magic selfie photos and videos;
  • Micro USB Rechargeable: This selfie ring light includes built-in rechargeable batteries so that you can charge your selfie ring light with micro USB cable( included in the box);
  • Provide Enough Bright Light: Our selfie ring light can highlight and make your pictures look on point even in dark environment. Plus, it can also used as an emergency light;
  • 3 Levels of Bright Settings: You can adjust our selfie ring light in 3 different levels of brightness: low, medium and high to meet your light demands;
  • Portable Clip and Metallic Design: The selfie light is easy to clip and portable to carry and will not snap onto the screen of your phone to block you to see the selfie; Plus, integrated with simplicity and delicacy, the metallic design makes it a highly textured gift.

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