Rose Essential Oil Brightening, Smoothing and Softening 30ml Rose Oil: Free Shipping

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Description :

Primary Benefits
Rose Essential Oil helps balance moisture levels in the skin
Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
Rose Oil Promotes an even skin tone and healthy complexion , It is velvety soft and non-greasy , It does not burn and absorbs well
Emotionally uplifting

BeShiny Rose Essential Oils can be used with any personal care products ,Skin Creams and toiletries, apply proper amount (about 2 droppers) , and instant integration, gives a pleasant smell.
Even among the poor as a skin-friendly "deodorant"
Also could be applied 5ml (about 5 droppers) for aromatherapy bath
Add 5-6 drops of Rose Essential Oil to a burner or vaporizer filled with water
Add 2-3 drops to 10ml base oil for a massage.

Main ingredient: Rosa Rugosa Flower Oil ,Vegetable Oil


  • Infused with natural rose extract and refined ingredients, Essential Oils helps relieve stress and improve your senses
  • BEST ROSE OIL : It can be used with any personal care products for smoothing and softening the skin. The fact that it is prediluted also means that it can be applied directly to the skin straight from the bottle, without any further dilution
  • ROSE ESSENTIAL OILS RICH IN VITAMINS - Rose oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C , Vitamin E ,glucose, fructose , lemon sugar and other beneficial to human health nutrients that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth all day and heals aging .
  • Long term use can let you skin moist and luscious . Antibacterial essential oil that tighten pores , inhibit excessive oil leave your skin tender and refreshing.
  • RELAXING AND CALMING OIL - Immerse yourself in a rose fragrance sea! Rose aroma soothes tight mood , let you relaxed mood full of peace and happiness , eliminating pressure leave your skin tight and moisturizing like new born baby

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