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Real Beer Shampoo Bar from Tasmania Australia 100% Natural

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Real Beer Solid Shampoo Bar for Normal Dry Thick All Natural | Free of Synthetic Chemicals | Great for Regular Use for Lush Hair Handmade by Beauty and the Bees

The Real Beer Shampoo Bar is a totally concentrated shampoo that contains a minimal water content for a great value over many uses. This biodegradable and eco friendly shampoo bar is ethically hand made with no synthetic chemicals, animal products or palm oil. Sulfate free paraben free silicone free cruelty free plastic free for 25 + years! Has a ginger cinnamon scent. Natural waxes, spices, herbs and essential oils give the bar its pure look. The Real Beer Shampoo Bar is great for daily use on all hair types, especially with those with dandruff or have thin, fine, oily hair. Professor Fuzzworthy's go to beer shampoo! Made of organic Leatherwood honey, beeswax, nourishing plant oils, protective panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B 5) and an infusion of nettle and horsetail.

Transitioning to healthy hair routine: If you using synthetic hair products, it's important to use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse or Apple Silk Rinse for best results - removes the chemical build up in your hair. This process will restore the PH balances to your scalp for super healthy hair.

Try our Apple Silk Hair Rinse - an alternative to our best selling Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse, to remove the silicone plasticizers in commercial conditioners and the last residues of shampoo soap. Travel Friendly! Restores hair to healthy condition, relieves dandruff, helps hair grow strong, and perfect for transitioning to a shampoo bar. Includes the fruit acids found in lemons and apples, which are also used in foods for that mouth puckering sour taste, with real silk powder for an added smooth silky feel. It brightens and softens, to leave hair cuticles roughened by washing, flat and smooth for maximum shine potential.


  • The Real Beer Shampoo Bar is a totally concentrated solid shampoo bar for natural hair care & shiny healthy hair! Great for men women children & babies
  • Made from 100% natural leatherwood honey & organic nourishing plant and essential oils - Nice ginger cinnamon scent
  • Equal to approx. 2 bottles of liquid shampoo - Our Shampoo Bars are Travel Friendly ! Sulfate free paraben free silicone free cruelty free plastic free for 25 + years!
  • Professor Fuzzworthy's favorite hair shampoo bar ! Beer has been famed for generations for its ability to leave hair bouncy, shiny and full of body, so this bar is chock a block with it – brewed naturally by small breweries, locally in Tasmania Australia. Promotes healthy hair and scalp to moisturize and condition without heaviness/residue. Especially good for those with dandruff and with oily, fine, or thin hair.
  • Beauty & the Bees uses only premium quality and organic Australian ingredients found among the healthy gourmet foods you eat and drink. Ingredients include our island's unique raw, unpasteurized Leatherwood honey, certified organic olive oil, coconut oil, raw castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax, and certified organic and bio dynamic Tasmanian herbs. These fine and pure ingredients leave hair glossy and shiny as well as gently cleanse the hair without stripping your head's natural oils
  • Size: 4 Ounce
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