Tailor Skincare

Provitamin B5 1% Hydrating Oil-Free Gel. Natural Vegan Cruelty Free. Gentle, Soothing and Calming For Dehydrated And Sensitive Skin From Tailor Skincare. Eco Conscious With Recyclable Packaging (50mL)


Product Specifications


  • Brand Name:Tailor Skincare



  • Hydrating oil-free gel, use as an eye serum, face mask or moisturiser
  • Found naturally in green tea, the potent antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate EGCG effectively halts oxidative stress caused by environmental factors and provides skin with a powerful line of defence
  • Provitamin B5 draws and locks in moisture to plump and promote skin regeneration
  • Kowhai and calendula soothes dry, irritated skin
Product Description :

Tailor is passionate about optimising your skin health journey with our scientifically proven, effective skincare range because skincare is self care. We create concentrated, powerful active ingredient blends designed to be combined with our natural, cruelty-free base products. Each formulation is created with precision for every skin concern at every age.

Suitable for all skin types, but in particular...

Gently remove dead skin buffed away by your exfoliator or mask treatment

Carry with you to blot excess oils produced during the day

Remove impurities and makeup drawn out by cleanser

Remove oils and congestion drawn out by exfoliator

The ultimate essentials travel kit

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