Olive Oil Conditioner, 33.8 oz - DESIGNLINE - Fortified with Olive Oil and Rich in Vitamins E and K to Help Protect Hair from Environmental Damage

Description :

About the Olive Oil Conditioner

The Regis DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Conditioner is uniquely fortified with olive oil and rich in vitamins E and K to help protect hair from environmental damage and is ideal for all hair types. Olive Oil absorbs into the hair shaft delivering vital antioxidant and moisturizing properties to dull, damaged hair. This moisturizing conditioner is excellent for color-treated hair, olive oil increases color intensity and protects against color deterioration. The Olive Oil Conditioner is great for daily use to promote healthy hair.


Apply to clean, damp hair. Rinse well.

About DESIGNLINE by Regis Corp

DESIGNLINE is a comprehensive line of professional haircare products created by Regis Corporation, a leader in the haircare industry. We wanted to bring our expert industry knowledge and passion for your style together to create a range of shampoos and conditioners, styling and finishing products that you can tailor to your needs.

At Regis Salons, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best in hair care. Alongside our other much-loved brands, we’re bringing back our own line of expert styling and hair care products, DESIGNLINE. Our professional range of DESIGNLINE shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair looking and feeling great. It also features a variety of highly effective and color-safe styling and finishing products for all hair types.


  • INTENSELY MOISTURIZING - This moisturizing conditioner is infused with Fresh Pressed Complex which contains cold filtered olive oil extracts. These contents offer nutrition and protection for healthy and shiny hair. Additionally, the olive oil's fatty acids rehydrate your hair, leaving it naturally nourished and visibly healthier.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION - This DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Conditioner is rich in vitamins E and K which acts as a moisturizer to help achieve soft and silky hair. These vitamins nourish your hair, as well as helping to protect from environmental damage.
  • FOR NORMAL OR DRY HAIR - This conditioner treatment can be used for normal or dry hair. Additionally, this Regis conditioner can be paired with any DESIGNLINE shampoo to provide a soft and shiny feeling.
  • BALANCES YOUR HAIR'S MOISTURE - This conditioner preserves your hair's moisture balance helping to repair, protect and restore your hair, which leaves it with a beautiful, natural shine. Not only does this conditioner provide a shine through its balancing effect, but it also will heavily protect against heat.
  • DESIGNED BY STYLISTS - Regis DESIGNLINE products are developed by stylists, used by stylists, and recommended by stylists. DESIGNLINE products are made with high-quality ingredients that your hair needs.


  • Brand Name: Designline

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