Noughty 1 Hit Wonder Cleansing Conditioner and Co-Wash, 250ml

$24.95 $39.99
Description :

Noughty 1 Hit Wonder Cleansing Conditioner and Co-Wash is 97 percent natural, non-foaming co-wash with fewer surfactants, uses a conditioning base to attract and absorb excess oils. The plant oils blend with the natural oils produced by the scalp, collecting up the grime and residues, gently removing impurities without drying or stripping hair. Sweet almond and castor oils pamper and nourish overworked hair for improved lustre and vitality.


  • Cleansing and conditioning co-wash
  • Comforting coconut scent
  • Improves suppleness, smoothness and shine
  • Helps to reduce damage and breakage
  • Perfect for fragile and overworked hair

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