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Luxury Mulberry Silk Sleep Bonnet for Hair Repair & Growth

$29.99 $34

This is one of the best hair solutions that money can buy!

People with long hair are all too familiar with the terrors of waking up to dry and broken off strands on their pillows. Little do they know that hair is most susceptible to moisture loss when they’re lying in bed. Don’t let your hair down!

HEALTHIER, MORE BEAUTIFUL HAIR: guaranteed to retain moisture in the hair, promote regrowth and prevent drying and breaking! No more waking up with bedhead or frizzy hair! Keep your hairstyle looking fresh and amazing!

PERFECT FIT: Equipped with a durable elastic band to keep it in place, even while you sleep! This product is designed to accommodate even the most restless sleepers! Stays perfectly snug on your head, no matter how much you may toss or turn! Your hair will rest as peacefully throughout the night, frizz-free.

QUALITY MATERIAL: Absolutely soft, breathable and hypoallergenic for maximum comfort.

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