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Luxe Tortoiseshell Apple Watch Strap - Shipping in Australia

$26 $89.83
  • For Apple Watch Luxury Tortoise Shell Resin Watch Bands Strap Bracelet - Secure Clasp Resin Band Strap for Apple Watch iWatch Series 7 6 SE 5 4 3 45-38MM - Shipping in Australia.

    Material: Acetate
    1. Waterproof and dirt resistant, the longer the texture, the stronger the texture and the more comfortable.

    2. Light and simple, unique taste, elegant and extraordinary

    3. Deep life waterproof, easy to disassemble.

    4. Interchangeable tracker, change the color according to your mood, made of cellulose acetate resin, ultra-light and comfortable.

    Product Type: Smartwatch & Wristband Replacements
  • MPN:: Does not apply

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