L'Oreal Paris

L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Yuzu Lemon Brightening Mask 50ml:Free Shipping


Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:L'Oreal Paris


  • The Pure Clay Brightening Mask combines 3 Pure Clays with the brightening properties of Yuzu Lemon to illuminate and even skin tone
  • Skin is deeply cleansed and tone more even with an illuminated glow
  • Healthier and is visibly transformed skin
Product Description :

Pure Clay your way with a range of five masks, each designed to target specific skin concerns. Use multiple clays on different areas of the face depending on your skin needs to multi-mask! Just smooth onto the skin and let the pure clay extracts work their magic.

Select the mask that best matches your skin type. You can apply generously to the entire face for an all-over deep mask treatment or apply to targeted areas of your face to help treat specific skin concerns.

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