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Large Shower Cap -Hair Protection - Microfibre Lined - Satin Exterior - Comfortable - Shipping in Australia

$29.99 $35
Materials: Satin, Microfibre, PVC, triple-layer, machine washable

You will love our triple-layered, microfibre-lined shower cap. Once you use it you'll never ever go back to unlined shower caps ever again. You'll also find yourself doing all your girlfriends a favor by getting them one for their birthday, anniversary or just because... Particularly great for people with thick, curly (prone to frizzy when in humidity) or long hair. It halts the frizz!

These shower caps also offer an innovative MICROFIBRE inner lining.

The inner layer is lined with microfibre and the middle layer with PVC materials. These first two layers protect the hair from steam and water that often causes your hair to frizz and unravel. The outer layer is made from premium quality satin.

The custom-made super secure band is there to seal out the humidity and moisture after shower time.

No matter what hair type you have, our shower caps offer complete protection from moisture and steam that often causes hair to become frizzy and unruly.

• Premium Satin Exterior
• Luxury Microfibre Inner Lining
• Triple Layered
• Seals out Steam and Moisture in the Shower
• Comfortable Size - Nice and Big
• Machine Washable
• Protects Hair Treatment
• Saves the Blow Out
• On-Trend Prints and Colours
• Luxury Hair Protection

Please note: for best usage, we highly recommend to not put your head under the showerhead while showering. Hang-dry after use.

Why Microfibre?

Here are a few reasons why we love microfibre for the hair and body.
It is an effective moisture absorber - microfibre is made up of fibers that are smaller than a single strand of hair! These little strands are looped and shaped in a way that makes them able to catch liquid and dirt much more efficiently than normal towels. Microfibre can absorb as much as 6 times its weight in liquid. What a superstar.

What does this mean for your hair? Well, it means that the microfibre lining in our shower caps will absorb moisture and humidity rather than letting it ruin your hair. So your styled locks will stay looking good for longer!

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