Brand: HI Lift Cureplex

Hi Lift Cureplex No3 Bond Sustainer 100ml

$29.99 $35
Description :

The Cureplex Bond Sustainer is for bi-weekly at-home treatment. It delivers emollients to enhance hair's suppleness and impart shine. So simple to use, Cureplex is your optimal tool and ally in any treatment to protect the hair and improve hair conditions. Perfect for clients with damaged and over processed hair during colour treatments and anytime a lifting or a chemical process is involved. No interfering with treatments processing time, use and results. Great with hair extensions, beyond your expectations. Never break hair again!


  • Cureplex No
  • 3 Bond Sustainer 100 ml, Hi Lifts Cureplex No
  • 3 Bond Sustainer is the third step in this professional salon range of products that protect coloured hair from damage
  • Used twice a week, it BUY ONLINE 24/t @HPSS

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