Brand: Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore - Jade Facial Roller | For A Relaxing & De-Stressing Clean Beauty Ritual

Description :

What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates What else you need to know: Herbivore would like you to meet the new and improved Jade Roller. Recently, feedback told Herbivore that their Jade Rollers weren't meeting durability needs. They've heard those concerns loud and clear, and are excited to bring this new version to you. Their new Jade Rollers are crafted with improved hardware and higher quality ethically-mined stones to withstand the tests of time and use. The new Jade Rollers improve circulation and vitality, helping to freshen your complexion and luminosity. Each Jade Facial Roller will vary slightly in color and shape since each is made from genuine stone and each stone is unique. Beauty Tip: After cleansing and toning, smooth a few drops of facial oil into skin. This will help the Facial Roller glide across the skin with ease, while the roller will help the facial oil to absorb better, increasing its benefits. For extra cooling and soothing place the stone in the refrigerator or on ice. The stone is naturally cold, but this extra temperature drop will support circulation and natural collagen production, drain congested lymph nodes, rid the body of toxins, and help with sinus issues.


  • The Jade Facial Roller Is An Incredible Tool For Inner + Outer Beauty. Facial Rolling Is Relaxing + De-Stressing And Has Been A Beauty Ritual Since Ancient Times
  • Jade Roller May Help To:
  • Improve Elasticity Of The Skin*
  • Reduce The Appearance Of Puffiness & Fine Lines*
  • Ease Facial Muscle Tension + Help Product Absorption*

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