HEALTREE Almond Sweet Virgin Oil 100ml, 100% Pure Natural Cold Pressed

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Description :


  • A Sweet helper - Cold pressed with raw almonds preserving all the natural compounds in the oil so they can directly benefit the skin. One of the biggest secrets of apricot oil for skin treatment the high level of fatty acids contained in the final mixture of oil. Fatty acids serve as natural skin emollients that help the skin to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier
  • 100% Pure essential oil -We do not sell Cheap diluted essential oil as many others do. We only offer the authentic 100% Pure essential oil NOT diluted , NOT made with synthetic ingredient
  • Proudly 100% Australian owned and made- Healtree is a brand born in Melbourne, Victoria and proudly support the local community by Make Product Locally to ensure the quality and authenticity of our product
  • 100% Natural ingredient- All of our essential oil and carrier oil is made with single ingredient without any additive and preservative
  • Possible benefit and Uses: Fine Lines & Winkles; After Sun Care; Moisturizing; Brightening


  • Brand Name: HEALTREE

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