Hard Wave Brush for 360 Waves | Curved Wolfing Brush | EVERWOLF | WRIGHTLING

Description :



  • 360 Waves & More - Hard wave brush that works on all wave patterns 360 waves, 720 waves, 180 waves, 540 waves
  • Moves & Trains Wolfing Waves EASILY - Perfect hard brush for wolfing due to hard bristles.
  • Doesn't Miss A Spot - This curved wave brush doesn't miss a spot due to curve design that brushes every single wave.
  • Better Waves - Using a hard wave brush is proven to fix forks, crowns and connections
  • Wrightling - Everwolf is made by WolfingWaves, a trusted brand that specializes in waves with over 20K followers on Instagram



  • Brand Name: EVERWOLF

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