Global Keratin GKhair Dry Oil Shine Hair Spray (115ml/ 3.5 fl. oz) | Light Weight Moisturizing Spray - With Natural, Coconut and Jojoba Oils | Instant Shine with Sun Protection

Description :

GKhair Dry Oil Shine Hair Spray is a weightless solution for all hairstyles. This hair shine spray is the elixir of a lightweight, moisture-rich strengthening power of Keratin protects and repairs hair from inside out. Apart from Keratin, the Dry Oil Shine Spray comes integrated with top of the line Botanical Extracts and Natural Oils to fight frizz and deliver intense shine without compromising on the hair health and sun protection. The Dry Oil Shine Hair Styling Spray can be used on a daily basis to keep hair healthy and provide extra protection from UV/ UVA rays. This lightweight finishing hairspray is a new formulation of dry oil that doesn’t leave a residue, and best of all the hair shine is absolutely weightless.


NATURAL SEED OILS: 100% accepted by our hair. Deliver hydration to the hair, leaving the hair nourished and conditioned.

NATURAL PLANT EXTRACTS: Soothes and moisturizes hair of all hair types. Delivers gentle natural moisture.

NATURAL GRAIN EXTRACTS: These natural contain proteins, that strengthen your the to protect each strand against damage.

A lifetime of battling coarse, unruly hair!

After using this GKhair Dry Oil Shine Spray, your hair will become smoother, tamer, more de-frizzed for neat hairstyle, and shiner with no greasy look.


  • VISIBLY NOURISHING: Nourishing Oils & Extracts absorb quickly to give you visibly lush hair, making it a perfect hair moisturizer to bring back life to your dried out and tired hair ends.
  • HAIR GLOW-BOOSTING: Delivers silky finish and hair glow, Keratin and other Natural Oils helps get you youthful hair look also with great flower scent.
  • ULTRA EMOLLIENT: Super-sleek and velvety soft hair, watch as your damaged, and dehydrated hair spring back to life.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT FORMULA: Weightless dry oil shine spray to finish any hairstyle, the lighter it feels, the less likely the formula is to weigh down your hair.
  • RADIANT HAIR LOOK: This oil shine spray fights frizz and change the dull and dry look of your hair bringing back a much radiant hair look.


  • Brand Name: GKhair

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