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FABEYA BioCare Natural Chocolate Body Scrub and Polish - No Parabens and Sulphates - 340 ml Pack of 1

Description :

Fabeya strongly feels a natural beauty like you should be taken care of by natural/organic/ safe products only. As a brand, Fabeya’s mission is to formulate, Manufactured and market world class products. Fabeya focuses on breathing new life into our customer’s lives and bring them closer to nature through the use of our products. How to Use For a Fabulous experience, take a small dallop on to your palm and apply it on your face/body. Rub your hands/fingers on your face/body in clockwise and anti-clockwise fashion for gentle exfoliation. Rinse of after 5 mins with warm water. Our specially formulated scrub helps to detoxify and rejuvenate your skin we have made sure that is Paraben & SLES Free and no hard chemicals have been added. Feel guilt free while purchasing our products as we at FABEYA do not support testing of our products on animals. You can be rest assured that our Products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. Fabeya assures High quality product for the customers. All products at Fabeya are manufactured under GMP guidelines. All ingredients used are of high quality with all necessary certification. For Yumilicous Skin Who doesn’t crave for Chocolates? We bet you can’t resist the Fabeya Chocolate scrub. The only reason to launch a scrub with chocolate was to make the scrubbing experience more yumilicious. This scrub is best to make your skin soft and supple. The soothing chocolate fragrance makes the scrubbing experience much more lively and breathes new life to your skin. Why Chocolate ? Chocolate Scrub has been specially created to nurture and pamper the skin. While the ingredients enhances beauty, the sensual aroma brings about a feeling of total well being and relaxation.



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