Eyelash Growth Serum,Eyelash Enhancer Serum with Natural Extract,SHVYOG Upgraded Lash Booster Serum for Growing Longer Fuller Thicker Lashes&Brow 5ML

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Description :

6 kinds of active formulas, awake eyelash from roots. The essence of plants nourish around eye to make naturally longer eyelash.

100% natural plants ingredients, nourishing and repairing lash gently, suitable for all skin kinds, ensure mild and not irritating.

Active plant extract repair lash, significantly help eyelash growing.After using 4-8 weeks, it'll have obvious changes.


  • 【100% NATURAL AND SAFTY INGREDIENTS】The lash growth serum is formulated with natural previous plant-extracts,such as Sodium Hyaluronate, SWERTIA BIMACULATA, PANAX GINSENG, SALIX AL BA, POLYGONUM MULTIFLORUM Extract,ALOE BARBADENSIS.This natural serum perfectly helps grow healthy,sheen lash & brow.
  • 【NO MORE NEED FALSE LASH】The eyelash growth enhancer serum provide the essential nutrients of eyelash, and make lash & brow accelerate growing by stimulating follicles.The essence penetrate into the bottom of hair quickly, which helps your natural eyelash restore gorgeous and active.Let’s say good bye to false lash!
  • 【FAST RESULT IN ONLY 8 WEEKS】After multiple use of the lash boost serum,it’s proved that most of users can get longer,fuller eyelash as short as 8 weeks of daily use.And many users even have a 55% increase in length of eyelash.The eyelash serum which help growing eyelashes and solving the weak and frail eye lash & brow trouble deserves you try.
  • 【NON-IRRITATING FOR ALL SKIN KINDS】 Due to all natrual formulas,our lash treatment serum is equally suitable for all skin types, without causing any irritation or side effect to get ideal long lashes. The non-allergenic serum can be used by everyone, even people with sensitive skin.In addition, it can be used as lash primer before makeup and part of night-time skin-care regimen.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 SHVYOG eyelash growth treatment goes on in the same way as your favorite eyeliner. Moving from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, simply brush-on a thin layer at the root lines of both lower and upper eyelashes to nourish follicles, promote new hair growth and strengthen existing hairs.
  • Color: Purple
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