Brand: First Care

Eye Mask Relaxing Gel Pack Cold Ice Warm Hot Reduces Puffiness: Free Delivery

Description :

Cold application: Placed the pack inside the refrigerator, after pre-cooling treatment (4-10 °frozen) about 30 minutes, you can wear in the eye. Heat application: Placed the pack into 80℃ hot water for about 10 minutes,then it can be used. General wear 5-10 minutes, or according to individual symptoms may be extended. This product is hot and cold dual-use, easy to use.


  • Made of gel filled, soft outer packing, make it fit to your eyes and feel comfortable.
  • Relieve stress; reduce your eyes' puffiness and soreness. This product can be use for longer.
  • Temporary relief from headaches. A great gift for your family or friends, at home or office, give your eyes a holiday.
  • Material:PVC + Gel CMC, Propylene glycerol and water Color:Blue Size: 24 x 8.5 cm

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