Eye Gel & Face Gel Treatment Pad COMBO| EyeSlices| CryoSlices| Hydrating, Firming, Toning, Skin Brightening| Soothes Eyes| 1 face & 1 eyes pair| Use 10x each| All Natural| Anti-aging, Wrinkles

Description :

Award winning, patented technology, water-based hydrogel Eyeslices. Active ingredience are released into the skin through a dermal delivery system. Clinically proven for efficacy the ingredients include Aloe Ferox, Regu Age, Oxy229 , Pentavitin, Peptamide 6. Use daily for just 5 minutes to restore vitality & vibrance to your eye area, and reduce the effects of aging. You can use on the odd occasion for revitalisation, or commit to daily to turn back the clock and keep you looking younger for longer! Makes wonder gift for women with everything!


  • Face mask improves skin hydration, firming, toning, skin brightening and smoothing. Hydrated skin better absorbs the active ingredients from moisturisers and serums. EyeSlices targets eye puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness, fine lines & wrinkles and airbourne irratants
  • 1 x multi use CryoSlice Face mask piece re-suable 10 times, 1 x pair multi use Eyeslices re-usable 10 times each, 1x storage clam, 1x Sleep mask
  • Multi award winning water based Hydrogel pad - Instant hydration - 100% customer satisfaction money back gaurantee
  • Highly formulated active ingredients, all natural, non toxic, paraben free, silicone free, vegan friendly, cruelty free, enviromently friendly
  • Use DAILY to reverse the effects of aging

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