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Oftentimes bacteria can still exist in your pores even if you have washed your face. This washing brush can clean the cosmetic residue hide in your pore. Using it regularly can control your facial grease reducing acne. Why not try it and change now


5 dismountable machine heads are washable and quick-drying. Soft enough to protect your facial skin.
Brush head:
The brush hair is made of nylon help you clean the cosmetic residue hide in your pore thoroughly.
2 spongy heads:
2 spongy heads can be used to smear foundation make-up or skin care products.
Grinding head:
Grinding head is designed for removing callus and smooth your coarse skin.
Massage head:
4 rotatable balls of the massage head can lift your skin upward and create a V-shaped face gradually.
Adjustable rotation speed:
2 modes for rotation speed: low mode and high mode.

Type: Face Cleaning Tool
Model: AE-8782
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Color: Pink
Battery: 2 * 1.5V &qu?AA&qu? Alkaline Battery (NOT Included)
Size Of The Main Body: Approx. 4.7 * 6.8 * 13.2cm / 1.9 * 2.7 * 5.2in (L * W * H)
Item Weight: Approx. 73g / 2.6oz
Total Size: Approx. 15.7 * 11.2 * 4.9cm / 6.2 * 4.4 * 1.9in (L * W * H)
Total Weight: Approx. 143g / 5oz

Please choose low mode if you are using brush head or grinding head.

Package List:

1 * The Main Body of Facial Brush (Battery Is Not Included)
2 * Spongy Head
1 * Grinding Head
1 * Brush Head
1 * Massage Head

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