Coscelia Nail Dryer 36W LED Lamp Nail Dryer 12 LEDs Quick UV Nail Lamp

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Suitable for hands and feet.
This small and cool design lamp is suitable for both professional and personal nail care uses.
Tunnel style powerful UV lamp designed for instant gel nails curing as well as for nail varnish.
This wavelength is visible and harmless to eyes, but supposed not to stare at the bulb for a long time.
Can be used for setting nail polish and various kinds of UV products, such as UV top coat / UV builder gel / etc.

Size: 19.2cm*11.2cm*8cm
Colour:White, Pink
Time Setting: 60s/120s/Always-on
Lamp beads: Lamp beads
Suitable Gel Type: UV Gel / LED Gel / Builder Gel All Types Gel
Feature 1: Nails Care Protect Eyes
Feature 2: Cure Gels Quick
Feature 3: Easy To Carry


  • Advanced professional designed UV+LED dual light source, nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime
  • Three timer setting : 60sec, 120sec timers and always light for perfect results every time with this Nail Lamp. You can choice what you want.
  • With high efficiency, the LED nail UV curing lamps can save you more power. It offers you a convenient way to dry nail polish quickly.
  • Great choice for manicure and pedicure .There is enough room for drying 5 fingernails or toenails at the same time.
  • Nail Lamp Dryer come with 12pcs dual source lamp beads-UV LED suitable for drying all kinds of gel nail polish quickly and efficiently, like UV/LED nail gel, builder nail gel et...Easy to use
  • Color: 155
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