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ComfyMed Sleep Mask CM-EM17 - Best Night and Travel 3D Eye Mask for Men and Women (Grey).

Description :

Product Details:

New Design - Blocks 100% of all Light.


What you get with ComfyMed CM-EM17 - The most Comfortable Sleeping Mask.
✅ Patented New Design
✅ Soft and Comfortable
✅ Unique Nose Cushion
✅ Ultra Light Weight
✅ Total Light Block Out
✅ Allows for Eye Movement (R.E.M.)
✅ Special Velcro that does not pull your hair
✅ Suitable for Side Sleepers
✅ Unisex. One Size fits All
✅ Premium Quality Materials
✅ Hand Washable
✅ Simple 
✅ Best Value for Money

Memory Foam: 100% Polyurethane
Cover: 89.5% Polyester, 10.5% Spandex
Rubber Band: 41.3% Polyester, 34.6% Nylon, 24.1% Elastodiene Fibre
Velcro: 100% Nylon

Size: 9" x 3 1/2"
Weight: 0.8 Oz

The ideal solution for shift workers sleeping during the day.
Perfect for Travel, Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation.



About this item

  • ✅ TOTAL BLOCK OUT - The unique Memory Foam Nose Cushion works on all shapes and sizes of Noses
  • ✅ LIGHT WEIGHT - At less than one ounce
  • ✅ WON'T PULL YOUR HAIR - Specially developed Velcro that won't get stuck in your hair.
  • Color: Grey

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