Cadiveu - Plastica Dos Fios Brazilian Keratin - Hair Plastic Surgery Anti Frizz Active, Anti Residue Shampoo And Repair Mask - The Best Smoothing System - (3x1000 ML) (Set of 3)


Product Specifications


    • Rated #1 Best Smoothing Treatment In Brazil, with over 1 Million sets sold.
    • Strengthens, straightens and repairs your hair for 3 months using an intense conditioning remedy. Does not cause hair loss or breakage.  
    • HAIR PLASTIC SURGERY ANTI RESIDUE SHAMPOO: Deep cleans and opens the cuticle, preparing the hair for the Thermal Hair Reconstruction treatment. HAIR PLASTIC SURGERY ANTI FRIZZ ACTIVE: Intensely restores the hair with an absolute straight effect. The results are healthy, shiny, soft and frizz free hair. HAIR PLASTIC SURGERY REPAIR MASK: Provides deep hydration and seals the treatment. It gives your hair the perfect balance.
    • Contains: Acai - a Brazilian fruit with powerful antioxidants vitamins and minerals, that helps with reconstruction of the hair. Arginine - essential amino acid, prevents hair loss and brokerage, increasing the hair density and strength, eliminating frizz for months.
    • Produced EXCLUSIVELY for professional use.
    Product Description :

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