Brilliant Silver ROSE Hair Toner Blonde & Grey Hair It Works Like Magic 15 Ml Bottle

Description :

Brilliant Silver ROSE is a very effective, temporary hair toner a highlighter. Being a water based product, it will not dry or damage hair and is easily removed in just 5-8 shampoos. This product is non metallic and can be used on all hair types to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones while adding softness and shine to most hair colors. Brilliant Silver ROSE is so concentrated that using only a few drops can go a long way. Will give you the desired results immediately with just one application.


  • Removes Yellow Brassy Tones
  • Adds Softness and Shine
  • 15 ml Bottle, cruelty free, PETA certified and vegan
  • Safe for all hair types and use on animals
  • Leaves a soft pink hue. Hence, the name ROSE.

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