#1 Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Kit 110ml: Free Shipping in Australia

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Hair Straightening

Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Hair Repair

#1 Brasil Cacau Eco Keratin Kit 110ml: Free Shipping in Australia

This is the KERATIN Product Professional Salons Use
1 x 110ml   Brasil Cacau Anti Residue Shampoo 
1 x 110ml  Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction Treatment 
1 x 110ml  Brasil Cacau Deep Conditioning Mask 
1 x Full Step by Step instructions and information leaflet 
Brasil Cacau Anti Residue Shampoo is for deep cleansing and hair rejuvenating. Its alkaline PH opens the hair cuticles eliminating impurities, preparing the hair for the Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction. 
Brasil Cacau Thermal Reconstruction Treatment makes hair smoother, stronger, and shinier. 
Brasil Cacau Deep Conditioning Masque: Gives maximum rehydration with frizz reduction, while accentuating the straightening effect.
Suitable for: Chemically treated or damaged hair.
Results: Provides intense nutrition, smoothing effect for porous and dry hair.
Technology: Keratin concentrate, Panthenol, Cocoa Butter and PH 4.5.
How it works: Fortifies hair by adding strength and improving elasticity. Deeply reinforces the structure of the hair and intensively refinishes the outer layer with protection.

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