Bondi Home Spa Luxury Microfiber Hair Towel




  • REDUCE FRIZZ: There is no need to rub your hair with this towel. Simply wrap and dry! Less time under the hairdryer means less damage, frizz and split ends for your hair!
  • DRY YOUR HAIR SUPER-FAST!: A Microfiber Marvel, this super-soft hair towel absorbs water out of your hair fast! This reduces your blow-drying time resulting in healthier hair and saving you precious time!
  • LARGE ENOUGH FOR LONG OR CURLY HAIR: No more cold water drips down the back of your neck because your hair won’t wrap up in the towel! Our water-absorbent towel is larger and more stretchy than other microfiber hair towels keeping your hair neatly tucked up and in place
  • ENJOY A SPA DAY AT HOME: This towel is perfect to keep your hair back when you're taking a bath or enjoying a facial. Simply twist into a turban, grab a good book and relax
  • PERFECT FOR CURLY GIRLS: Your curls are more defined and frizz-free! No more taming your tresses with a regular towel that destroys curls


  • Brand Name: BONDI HOME & SPA

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