Best Hair Growth Serum - Watermans Grow More Elixir of Hair 100ml - Hair Growth & Hair Thickening Leave In Topical Scalp Treatment (Scalp Only)


Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:Watermans


  • Made in the UK for women & men, luxury hair growth serum, leave in scalp care formula
  • Scalp treatment scalp only - leave in scalp serum for hair growth, ✔ Clinically proven ingredient that can help ✔ Increase hair density, ✔ improves scalp health and hair
  • ✔ helps hair fall problems, ✔ stimulates hair follicles, ✔ natural dht blockers, ✔ repair dry & damaged hair follicles
  • ✔ enhances healthy blood flow to scalp area, ✔ can help combat thinning hair
  • ✔ feed and supply the dormant hair follicles eliminating most growth problems
Product Description :

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