Bella and Bear

Bella and Bear Detangling Brush Set - the Best Detangler Hair Brush no more tangles, no more tears.

$39.99 $45
Description :

Girls Would You Like Healthy Shiny Tangle Free Hair?

The Brush On You Detangling Hairbrushes And Detangling Comb Set Is Perfect For All Hair Types


Great for all hair types and suits children, pets, ladies and men african american hair, curly hair, straight hair, thin hair

Ergonomic design for easy holding and brushing every girl should have one

Controls hair damage and breakage due to the shaped bristles that separate and pass thru the hair without catching and pulling like most other hair brushes do.

Stimulates your scalp for a lovely relaxing feeling, the firm but not to hard bristles will gently massage your scalp as you brush, its a lovely way to relax

Your kids will love this pain free brush


Get your partner to brush your hair with your new detangling brush, this will definitely lead to some relaxation time

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  • BEAUTY AWARD WINNERS - Our original products have been featured in Cosmo beauty magazine as a luxury cosmetics product. Several of our tangle brushes and sets including the brush and comb and paddle brush have been featured in magazines in USA and Europe
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - The brush is made of superior grade plastic with bristles molded to ensure even and smooth styling and blow drying. The hairbrush handle is a natural shape to mold to your hand. Small enough for young girls and kids but also suitable for adults. Compact and perfect for travel
  • MULTI PURPOSE - The anti static nature of the nylon bristle means it is perfect for styling - creating volume - straightening thick hair and also for use on hair extensions - Bella and Bear brushes are all cruelty free and Vegan friendly
  • WHY CHOOSE US? - Bella and Bear is an international renowned brand with an excellent image thanks to years of focus on design, development and customer service. Many makeup artists and beauticians swear by our products. We have been featured in Elle, Cosmo and feature in hundreds of beauty salons across the globe.
  • PERFECT EYE CANDY - Our products are not only designed to be functional, we also focus on the visual appeal. Why only focus on function when you can have function and beauty. The famous Bella and Bear pattern is featured on the packaging, not only on the outside but we've printed inside too! We want you to have the whole package. Professional practical and pretty - Makes a perfect gift for women

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