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AU Stock 5 Pairs 3D Natural Thick Long Makeup Fake Eyelashes False Eye Lashes

  • Handmade - Materials: Synthetic, Animal Cruelty-Free Fibre, Vegan Fibre

  • 5 Pairs Premium False Eyelashes

    Your search for premium false eyelashes is over - We have the highest quality false eyelashes right here.

    You're purchasing 5 pairs of our premium false eyelashes in your chosen style, just pick which best suits you! Or opt for our Eyelash Clip/Tweezer instead!

    Can't decide on which style to choose?

    We've included our style tips below!


    Choose the ‘Victoria’ lash for a more natural and understated lash look. The Victoria style adds volume and length to your natural lashes, while still complementing your look of the day! Victoria lashes are suitable for work or outings like brunch dates with the girls.


    Pick the ‘Naomi’ lash to create the perfect cat-eye look, adding contour and volume to your natural lashes. Paired with winged liner, Naomi lashes can be worn on a Friday night date or a more formal event like a wedding.


    Go with the ‘Kylie’ lash to add optimal length and volume to your makeup look, whilst maintaining a cat eye-like contour. Featuring a criss-cross design, the Kylie lash is perfect to compliment a bold makeup look, and can be worn on a night out on the town or a special occasion.


    Choose the ‘Ivy’ lash to create maximum length and volume with a criss-cross design that is thicker at the roots, narrowing towards the tips. These statement lashes won’t go unnoticed and will look the part on date night or this weekend’s outing with the girls.


    Select the ‘Scarlett’ lash to add a touch of sass to your look, featuring individual lashes of varying length. Providing textured thickness, the Scarlett lash is perfect for a bold makeup look on a night out.

    Mixed Pack:

    Variety is the spice of life, so we've made all of our premium eyelash styles available in one mixed pack. The mixed pack is great to have on hand so you’re covered for any occasion that comes up, and for Makeup Artists wanting to stock up on different styles to suit their clients’ needs. The mixed pack is also a good option for first time buyers who want to test which of our styles suit them best. The mixed pack contains one pair of the Victoria, Naomi, Kylie, Ivy and Scartlett lashes.

    You can buy the best available right now!


    1 - Carefully remove the eyelashes from the packaging with tweezers

    2 - Measure and compare the length of the false eyelashes with your eye line and trim to a suitable width and length

    3 - Apply false eyelash glue (not included) along the false eyelash root with a cotton bud or glue applicator

    4 - Allow the false eyelash glue to set for 30-40 seconds before applying to the lash line

    5 - Hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes and apply a bit of pressure until the glue starts to set

    Choose from the following styles:

    5 Pairs Premium False Eyelashes, One Pair Promo, Lucky Dip 5 Pack r

    Eyelash Styles:

    Victoria, Naomi, Kylie, Ivy, Scarlett or a Mixed Pack (1 Pair of Each Style)

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