ASHWILLOW Silk Sleep Mask - 100% Pure Mulberry Silk - Breathable, Skin-Safe, Smooth Luxury Fabric and Straps - Natural Light Blocking Sleeping Aid - Pink Handmade Eye Cover in Premium Gift Box

Description :

ASHWILLOW mulberry sleep masks are made of the highest quality 22 momme mulberry silk-- the world’s best type of silk. It feels smooth against the skin and avoids the skin irritation common with some less natural fibres. The 22 momme silk is on the highest end of the weight spectrum, making this sleep mask the most luxurious you will find.

Featuring premium quality workmanship, this soothing sleep mask is designed to fit comfortably around the head. The soft silk strap is very comfortable and won’t tangle your hair.

With a light-blocking feature, this relaxing mask can help you sleep soundly even with lights or the TV on. You can also take naps in the afternoon without having to close your curtains or adjust your blinds. If you like to travel, this sleep mask completely blocks sunlight from airplane windows.

ASHWILLOW is an Australian owned business founded to support your health and balance, we understand the importance of using natural products to improve your quality of sleep. To best support your health, we have sourced only Oeko-Tex certified materials for this mask, which means our sleep masks are free of harmful chemicals. Relax in rejuvenating slumber knowing that only the best of nature touches your skin.

There are no synthetic fillers—just natural fibers of hypoallergenic silk, making it safe and effective for all. Supportive in providing restful sleep, our mask is fantastic for restless sleepers and people with sensitivity to light. Give friends and loved ones the gift of sleep.

Care Instructions
Certified chemical free, our silk sleep mask is safe for kids and adults. To clean, simply hand wash and air dry.

Enjoy comfortable and sound sleep throughout the night. Add the ASHWILLOW Silk Sleep Mask to your basket TODAY!


  • NATURAL SLEEP SUPPORT: Get that good night’s rest you most desire with this comfortable eye mask. With a length of 21 cm and depth of 9 cm, it is large enough to fully block outside light.
  • SMOOTH & DURABLE: This premium silk eye mask features long and uniform fibers and internal and external paddings made of 100% natural 22 momme mulberry silk, the highest quality you can find.
  • HEALTHY & SAFE: Our pink sleeping mask is designed to meet the highest standards. It is Oeko Tex 100 certified, which means it has been tested to be free from over 100 harmful substances.
  • LUXURIOUS & BREATHABLE: The soft silk fibres of this pure and hypoallergenic mulberry mask leave your skin feeling warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sleep in comfort all year long.
  • GREAT FOR GIFTING: Give someone the gift of restful sleep with our handmade sleep mask. It comes in an elegant black box that’s ready for gifting for occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

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