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[ARMPIDENT] Armpit Sheet Mask(3 pairs) - Underarm Lightening, Soothing, Calming Hair Removal Aftercare Korean Skincare #Dab1106

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About this item

  • ★Self skincare for armpits: These sheet masks revive darkening and damaged underarms, provide a moisturizing, soothing and calming effect. They also increase the elasticity in damaged underarms caused by waxing and hair removal.
  • ★Active ingredients for darkening, odors and bad skin: Fucoidan, Aloe and Niacinamide are widely used in facial skincare products. They help the underarm skin to look healthier and lighter.
  • ★Soft and intense 'White musk' fragrance : Reduces odors and leaves a soft fragrance.
  • ★Thin and well-fitting Microfiber sheet: The microfiber sheet is thin and better fitting than a normal cotton sheet for a variety of armpit shapes and sizes.
  • ★EXTRA TIP : Essential serum is sufficiently filled in the pouch, the remaining serum can be used on the body.

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