Essence Of Argan

Argan Oil - 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 50ml (1.6oz)


Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:Essence Of Argan


  • ALL NATURAL – every bottle of our Argan Oil is 100% pure and eco certified, we only offer the best quality to our customers
  • VERSATILE – for centuries Moroccan oil has been used for health and beauty conditions including those of the skin, hair and nails
  • GOOD FOR YOU – high in antioxidants and rich in Omegas 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E, pure Argan Oil from Essence of Argan is the must have beauty product
  • TRAVEL SIZE - this 50ml bottle is just the right size to carry in your purse, it is also the perfect size for taking on your travels in your hand luggage, take this amazing moisturizer with you wherever you go
  • ARGAN OIL – harvested from the nuts of the Argan Tree in Morocco, Argan Oil is sourced from grinding the nuts down to retrieve the oil, a process that has been followed for hundreds of years
Product Description :

A real treat for your hair

Add life, bounce and shine to dull and damaged hair with Essence of Argan Pure Argan Oil for hair. Hair treated with Argan Oil shampoo products appear healthier and it’s great for the scalp too. Argan Oil works wonders on frizzy hair making it more manageable, tidier and silkier than it’s ever been.

Suffer from hair loss? Treat yourself to Argan Oil, it’s nourishing properties create a healthy scalp and hair shaft leaving optimum conditions for hair to grow.

Care for your skin

Argan Oil is known to improve a multitude of skin conditions if used on a regular basis, such as acne and acne pits, cracked hands and feet, nails and cuticles and even wrinkles and lines! Suffer from stretch marks? Regularly massage a few drops of Essence of Argan Oil onto the skin and watch them fade over time.

More serious skin conditions are known to be improved by Argan Oil including eczema, psoriasis and even diaper rash but be sure to check with your physician before use, especially if using other oils or creams.

Easy to apply and non oily

Each of our 50ml bottles of 100% Pure Argan Oil has a pump action nozzle for easy application which keeps it clean and bacteria free.

BUY NOW and take advantage of 100% Pure Argan Oil

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