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Luxury Waterproof Bath & Shower cap: Perfect for Hair Repair and Growth - Shipping from Sydney!

$24 $29

Our super cute bath and shower caps are perfectly designed. Large enough that they will hold in all your hair yet fitted to sit comfortably and keep your blow-dry perfect!

The seal is fitted to ensure that your hairline will not get wet and is designed not to leave marks. Plus, they are not noisy and do not crinkle.

Comfortable wear & High Elasticity

Our luxury shower caps are durable, comfortable, and doesn’t let any water or moisture in.

The fabric is super soft.

Durable & Easy to Carry

Our luxury shower caps, for long or short hair, dry easily and arrive in a thick plastic zip-lock case for storage and travel.

It’s durable and you can keep it in its reusable pouch for storage.
Material: polyester waterproof
Size: adjustable, head circumference 56-58cm 

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