How to use Jojoba Oil

When it comes to natural hair and skin care, nothing is quite as effective as jojoba oil. Because it has a shelf life of two years, many people use jojoba oil as a carrier oil for other aromatic oils and in certain cosmetics. Pure jojoba oil alone conditions hair, softens skin, helps prevent acne, and even moistens your lips. Jojoba oil is available to buy here.



If you intend to use jojoba oil as a regular part of your daily routine, buying it in in size 4Oz or more can save you money and ensure that you always have some on hand when you need it.

Hair Care

Jojoba oil acts as a deep conditioner for dry or damaged hair. Put a small amount of jojoba oil on your hands and run it through your hair, starting at the roots and focusing on damaged portions and ends. Give the jojoba oil about half an hour to set in your hair, and then wash it out with your usual shampoo.

You can also use jojoba oil to condition your hair during the day, but be aware that some people find that too much jojoba oil makes their hair appear oily or heavy. Experiment to see how jojoba oil best works with your hair type.

Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, jojoba oil works as a substitute for lotion on dry hands, feet, and cuticles. When you use jojoba oil on your skin, you do not need to dilute it. Use a small amount of jojoba oil to start with. A few drops works well for small jobs, and a dime-sized amount is great when dealing with large areas of skin.

Cleansing and Moisturizing

Jojoba oil does not clog the pores, meaning it is noncomedogenic. This makes it an ideal cleanser and moisturizer for skin types that are prone to acne. Jojoba's natural properties mimic the natural oil on human skin. As such, users with oily skin may find that it minimizes the skin's natural oil production.

In addition, consider using jojoba oil as an overnight moisturizer. If you take off makeup at the end of the day, use jojoba oil on a cotton ball to remove it and cleanse your face.

Shaving Prep

Jojoba oil provides some relief for skin prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs as well. This is in part due to the same things that make it a good conditioner; it softens the hair and the skin before you shave. Apply a small amount of jojoba oil to the hair you intend to shave, and allow it to sit for a few minutes before adding your regular shaving cream. You can apply the jojoba oil after shaving to moisturize as well.

Jojoba Oil in Traditional Cosmetics

If you want to try jojoba oil but are not ready to use the pure oil alone, look for products that include jojoba oil. This includes jojoba oil conditioner, jojoba oil lotion, and even jojoba oil lip balm. While these products include more chemicals and dilute the effect of pure jojoba oil, you can still get the benefit of jojoba oil while using a product you know.

Potential Reactions

Jojoba is safe and does not have any known dangers or side effects. It is fine to use on your skin and hair at any time, even if you are pregnant. However, if you have sensitive skin, you could develop a rash. In this event, simply discontinue use. Furthermore, do not ingest jojoba oil or use it for any internal ailments. It is non-toxic, but it may upset your digestion.