Honest Review Cocochoco Keratin - All Natural, No Formaldehyde and Harsh Chemicals. Makes Hair Healthy, Shiny and Smooth.

This is my honest review of Cocochoco Professional Gold Premium Keratin Hair Treatment, 250 ml, all opinions are my own and I have not been paid in any way for this review.

I have densely curly sometimes frizzy hair, it may even be considered hard to handle by some standards. My hair is in good condition because (two words) coconut oil!

However, this does not stop me using my hair as the proverbial guinea pig and testing every new treatment, oil, cream, serum, or in this case - keratin treatment that I can get my hands on.

First thoughts, Cocochoco Pure Brazilian Keratin Treatment is such good value for money. 

If you follow the instructions to the letter you will be in for a fabulous gift that keeps on giving - smooth and shiny tresses that everyone will want to touch just to see if it's real.

Be prepared to take your time and your patience will be rewarded. Also, be sure to apply this treatment in a well ventilated space. 

I find that the results last longer when I do not clip my hair back for three days following the treatment. This will be easier for some people more than others.

Following the next wash (three days after the treatment) my hair was  unbelievably manageable. It was wonderful to know that I still had tonnes of this magical treatment in my bathroom. There is a  certain joy in knowing that you don't have to pay a queen's ransom, to pay someone else, in order to get the hair that you have always dreamed of. 

I typically let my hair air dry but in this instance I used the Dyson Airwap to amplify the results and what incredible results they were. My hair has a glass like quality to it. It has cut down the time that I spend messing about with my hair in the morning. 

It is a win for everyone when you find a product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

I highly recommend Cocochoco Keratin to anyone who has  damage from heat or chemical processing. Also, recommended for anyone like myself who has happy hair to begin with but is looking for increased shine and manageability. Huzzah!