An Ancient Secret to Growing Long Hair

The Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and South America knew that oils help hair develop from the inside.

The peoples who originally inhabited what is now modern day Jamaica knew that oil rinses should be used on desperate hair in need of an instant hydro-hit.

In that period Jamaica was called Xamayca which was a local word for “land of water and forest”.

Today, peoples of the West Indies still use cool oils to protect their hair and skin in the hot climate, keeping their skin and hair looking young and fresh.

Like their ancestors, people of the Caribbean and South America do not typically appear to suffer from hair loss and graying even when they are very old. 

Oils feature prominently in hair care practices in every civilization, the results being perfect hair repair, phenomenal growth and maintenance of long hair. 

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a national treasure of Jamaica. One which will connect you to the ancient beauty secrets of the original peoples of Xamayca. 

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